Full-Service Accounting Firm with over 20 employees who serves a wide range of clients in Lafayette, New Iberia, New Orleans, and surrounding areas by providing innovative ideas with cutting-edge performance management.


They required fast and uninterrupted access to Thomson Reuters accounting software.  They needed to strong cyber security to protect their clients’ sensitive information from the hands of hackers and exploiters.  They expected IT support to be fast, reliable, and trustworthy.  They were not getting any of those.  Instead, they were losing production, billable time and having to work overtime to meet deadlines.


After doing a full assessment of their business operations, CBM Technology installed high-powered virtualized servers with failover capabilities to provide hardware redundancy.  The development team optimized their Microsoft SQL databases to increase performance of Thomson Reuters accounting application.  Implemented multiple Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) servers in a cluster with RDS load-balancer to equalize the workload to provide maximum performance.  Provided multi-layered cyber security defenses to protect the accounting firm and their clients’ from against ever-changing cyber threats.  Instituted Backup & Disaster Recovery solution that provides instant recovery locally and, in the cloud.  In the event of a long-term outages or a catastrophic hurricane they have the ability to restore their entire infrastructure in the cloud so they can continue to provide critical services such as payroll.


The accounting team is worry-free knowing that CBM Technology has it covered.