A community bank who provides banking & financial services with 24 branches throughout southern Louisiana.


The community bank’s IT staff has multiple needs including solutions to help manage, monitor, and document their ever evolving IT network; a secure and encrypted cloud storage for long-term backups; Endpoint Detection and Response protection services as well as IT consulting.


CBM Technology provides a suite of centrally managed tools that allowed the IT team to:

  • Easily manage all of their computers and servers
  • Provide real-time alerting
  • Allows for automated deployment of application
  • Patch management
  • Compliance Reporting.

CBM Technology provides both local and long-term cloud backup solution that provides military-grade data encryption of backup files, secure SSL transmission, and data-at-rest encryption. The cloud storage is located in out-of-region and compliant data centers which also acts as an air gap backup solution.  CBM Technology network operations team (NOC) closely monitors and manages the cloud backups.

CBM Technology also provides and support Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for all the servers and workstations to help defend against the growing cyber threats.

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