An international company who provides innovative clean water solutions for companies like Exxon, Shell, Transocean, Chevron, BP, to name a few. They engineer and design water, biofouling & wastewater solutions that meets World Health Organization and other government regulations.


Their engineers and designers were having major production issues when using complex and detailed models within SolidWorks. Working in SolidWorks was painfully slow and not productive. Protection against cyber threats was poor and was hit with a ransomware that encrypted a large portion of their files. While they had backups, its recovery was slow and lost countless hours.


CBM Technology installed a virtualized server solution with large amount of solid state storage that integrated into a 10Gb backbone network. The engineers’ and designers’ workstations were upgraded to new ultra-high performance machines. Microsoft SQL was installed and optimized for SolidWorks. Implemented managed multi-layered cyber security that included EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). Installed business continuity system that has quick recovery to reduce productivity loss during any type of disastrous event.

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