A full service civil contractor with over 50 employees who specializes in environmental and pipeline maintenance solutions.


They had a strong need to improve their efficiency level of their service technicians in remote and isolated areas on land.  At the time, their field service technicians were creating field tickets by hand onsite in remote areas with little or no access to internet. The field tickets were handwritten in paper forms, scanned using a portable scanner and emailed back to headquarters. The administration staff would then reenter the data into their accounting software from the scanned documents. This created significant delays in their invoicing process which required several man hours in double entry with excessive risks for data entry errors.


CBM Technology’s consultation team collaborated with the client to come up with a design that was scalable, easy to use for the field service technicians while providing management and administration staff accurate data in a timely manner.  Developed a Windows 10 application was designed specifically to take advantage of Microsoft Surface Pro feature sets. The data used within the application is centrally stored within Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint cloud.  The field service technicians the application in remote areas with no internet connectivity. The field service technicians utilized the camera on the Microsoft Surface Pro to take pictures on the job for documentation purposes and the responsive touchscreen for effortless data entry. Once the job was complete, the client’s customer has the ability to sign the job ticket acknowledging that the job is satisfactory. At the end of each shift, the field service technician connects to an available wireless or LTE connection to synchronize all data back into Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint. The administration staff is able to push all transactions generated by the field tickets to the accounting package without the extra effort of manual data duplication.