I am not sure if you enjoy watching killer zombie movies. Not to offend the hardcore zombie fans, I always thought the idea of zombies was silly. Before you start trying to eat my arm, I do like the story behind the guts and gore. The story of how people come together to defend themselves. If you break down these stories, it is a lot like keeping the zombies out of your network. Here is what every zombie-free community needs:

1. A Wall – You’ve seen in the shows where they walls layered with barb wires, alarms, multiple fences around their community, right? The same goes for your business as a barrier between the internet and your office. A firewall should be in place with multiple layers of security such as gateway antivirus, intrusion prevention, website blocker, website reputation blocker, etc.

2. Patching – After every zombie attack, humans are always patching the walls, the windows and doors of their homes. This is very similar to your computer, it is very important to patch your operating systems such as Windows, Android & iOS to help protect yourselves from threats that make it through your wall.

3. Last Line of Defense – When the zombies pile up over the wall, rushing to your house, banging and snarling…there is one last line of defense that you have to protect you and your family. You start shooting and hacking to keep them from eating your brains. This is very much like endpoint protection also known as antivirus software. Antivirus software is designed to help stop most viruses, malware, ransomware, etc from hurting your data. However, from time to time, there may be a radioactive zombie or a zombie drugged with speed that will break through and you have only one option left.

4. Backup Plan – When your backs are against the wall fighting to keep away from the nasty bites, sometimes you just have to go to your backup plan and restart from where you left off from before the attacks. Same goes for your business, there is no 100% security protection plan…if someone tells you that, bite them (figuratively). There will be times that all you have left in your arsenal is just to do a restore. It is very critical to invest in a system to back up your data just in case you have no choice but to restore from a point in time.

5. Law & Order – In any successful community that’s defending from a zombie hoard, has strong policies and procedures. These policies and procedures help train, educate and enforce the best zombie defenses. Without law & order, the community will just fall into complete chaos and unknowingly or purposefully do major harm. This goes for businesses, it is important to have policies & procedures in place to keep you and your employees on top of their toes, working together to protect your community. Without it, any layer of defense is useless and your community will become zombies. BELIEVE IT or NOT, you can add to the zombie horde that can cause harm to other communities. You have to wait till next season to learn more about it.

If you have any questions or would just like to comment, we would love to hear from you.


Blake Judice

Zombie Threat Protection
(Defense in Depth)