CBM loves to be involved in the community and help. This time we organized a CBM Technology Blood Drive.

CBM Technology Blood Drive

Living in the South means you’re under constant threat of a hurricane or as we know now, even a winter storm from time to time. Helping each other out in any tough situation is a good trait that we southerners have.
Who of us doesn’t have a friend or family member who has been into the hospital and in many cases need a blood transfusion.
We have all heard and know about the benefits of donating blood:

Your Blood Donation Could Save Multiple Lives.

Did you know that all donations are checked? Your blood will be checked for infectious diseases and this time even be tested for COVID-19 antibodies – is your vaccine shot working yet?
You give something that cannot be manufactured. That means, if you don’t donate, there is no blood for patients who need it.
We’re very proud of our employees for helping save someone’s life. And don’t forget: