We hope that most of you have heard of the recent discovery of the WPA2 KRACK Wifi Vulnerability. If you haven’t, read more here. Look at the image above and you will see several pictures from sites showing you how to hack the WPA2 network “easily.” So the information is at the fingertips of the hackers, and thinking you’re protected could cost you more than the time it would take to remedy the situation.

If you have read anything about the vulnerability, you may think you are fairly safe if, like many of our clients and readers, live in a rural area. That is not the case. This vulnerability opens up several outlets for an attack. Your information is whats at risk.

We always, and will continue to stress the importance of NEVER transmitting sensitive information over public wifi. This is more important now with the WPA2 KRACK Wifi vulnerability. For example, you go to McDonald’s for lunch and sign into their free Wifi. You decide to check your bank account on your phone, making all of your highly-sensitive information susceptible to hackers.

So what do you do?

Update your Wifi router
. If you can’t figure out how to update it; maybe your router is dated and you don’t have the information to login to the website and update it. Get a new one. This is your best bet. Simply changing your password won’t do anything to protect you. You need to make sure that your router has an available update with a patch to protect you from the vulnerability.

It may be hard to believe but, WPA2 is still the safest Wifi network, so we wouldn’t recommend using another less secure option.

Update your Operating System. It has been discovered that Android and Linux mobile systems are more vulnerable than Apple. Especially Android Marshmallow 6.0 and above. Windows and Apple desktop OS seem to be protected, but if you have an available update, you should do it.

For a list of the available known patches, click here

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