Today is World Backup Day. Are you ready? Would your data be safe if a disaster happened? 29% of disasters are caused by accidents. It can happen to anyone. Backing up your data is painless with CBM’s Backup and Disaster Recovery. We partner with Veeam, the best in the business for backup and disaster recovery, and virtualization.

1 in 10 computers is infected with a virus every month. If your network was to be infected by ransomware the downtime alone could cost your business thousands. Our Managed anti-virus service will protect your business from these viruses. If you do get a virus, we remove it for free. Try Managed Anti-virus with a free 30-day trial.

With Hurricane Season right around the corner, World Backup Day couldn’t come at a better time. With an expected active hurricane season following the weakening El Nino, it is crucial to protect your business from a Data Disaster.

With CBM’s Backup and Disaster Recovery- you get the piece of mind of knowing your information is safe. We are constantly monitoring your backups and ensuring your data is safe and usable.

CBM Technology’s Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions ensure all files are automatically backed up every 15 minutes. Our experts monitor all backups to maintain quality service, ultimately providing peace of mind.

Benefits your business will receive through CBM Technology’s BDR solutions:

  • Reduce Daily Operation Costs: Full data backups are initiated on service startup and incremental backups are triggered when file changes are implemented.
  • Safeguard Business Information: Recover old files with fast file level restoration.
  • Ensure Business Continuity: Critical business application backups ensure easy restoration if they crash.
  • Increase Productivity & Decrease Downtime: Rapid restore capability minimizes the cost associated with the loss of productivity and operational downtime.
  • Detailed Reports: Routine monthly reports are provided to ensure your business data is safe.