Today is World Backup Day! Are you ready!? Is your data safe!?

  • 31% are caused by hardware or system failure.
  • 29% of lost data is due to human error.
  • Another 29% are from viruses, malware or ransomware that led to data loss.

Have you experienced any of these? Did you lose information due to poor backups? Are you storing your backups in one place, next to your server? Are you unsure if your backups are current? Are you uneasy about the restore actually working?

If you say yes to any of them – you NEED to put some attention to this. It does not take much time, especially when you consider the time and money you will lose when you put this aside.

Another important area that is ignored or not considered. The files that your store with Microsoft Office 365, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive and any other cloud drive.

Do you know that if you get hit with a ransomware it will also encrypt the files that are synchronized to the cloud? What happens if a user accidentally moves or delete a folder? Some cases you can recover it. Some instances you will not be able to…it is gone….FOREVER. Unless you spend a lot of time recreating what you lost.

One more thing – encrypt your backups! When you access your information, you type in a user/password in some form or fashion – right? If your backups are not encrypted, there is a possibility that someone can bypass your user/password. They can simply get a hold of your backups and simply gain access by restoring your files without needing a user/password.

So take the pledge: “I solemnly swear to back up my important documents and precious business data on March 31st. and forever.”

Lastly, if you are reading this, then we consider you as a friend – friends don’t let friends go without a backup.
Let us help you with your backups to ensure your business data is safe and secure.