First question, what is a firewall?

It is a device that acts as a barrier between the internet and your network. A firewall can have all the security bells and whistles to keep the bad guys out, but firewalls are only as effective as the people managing them. Firewalls were not meant as plug-and-play devices. You can’t just set it up, install it on your network, and hope it does its job without any human management or expertise.

Next question, what is a managed firewall?

A managed firewall is a service provided by CBM Technology that covers the device, administration, operation, monitoring, and maintenance of your firewall.

Final question, what is Care?

It’s simple, the staff at CBM Technology truly cares about their clients. It is built into the core of CBM’s culture and management. We care about making sure that they are worry-free and that their business stays productive.