Manage Your IT – Run your Business. We’ll run your IT.

Designed for small to medium sized businesses to lower the cost of supporting IT systems, deliver at a fixed price with no hidden expenses, no surprises – just one single monthly bill.

CBM Technology Strategic IT Planning - Strategic Planning & Consulting

Strategic Planning & Consulting – Helping you plan for the future

One of the greatest benefits of CBM Technology is that in addition to active support that keeps your current operation running smoothly, you also get expert consultation on future IT investments and how they can support the growth of your business. This ensures that the size and scope of your developing business never overtakes your technology.

Cyber Security & Compliance – We don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to IT security.

Companies that maintain client data cannot afford to get by with minimal security measures that no longer work against evolving threats. Cyber security threats are increasingly common, and have real costs in time, dollars, and reputation. CBM Technology can bring your organization’s cybersecurity up to the high standards that larger-sized firms are held to. Our unique mix of services and hands-on approach to working with clients provides you with peace of mind that your business is secure, always.

  • Utilize Defense in Depth Strategy to protect your network from top-down.
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems to help identify and prevent fast-spreading threats
  • Review and Provide Recommendations for Enhanced Security Practices
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements
SOC 2® Type 2 Certification
CBM Technology Backup your Data

Backup Your Data – Data is the Lifeblood of Your Business

When businesses lose their critical data, they suffer significant financial and productivity losses. The side effects of data loss are extensive: damaged reputation, massive downtime, loss of clients, fines, government scrutiny and other intangible costs. And some companies never fully bounce back from data loss or downtime.

No business is immune to data loss. Companies in all industries and of all sizes are vulnerable to a range of security threats. Hackers indiscriminately target businesses. Critical data becomes corrupted. Sensitive data is accidentally deleted all the time. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire, disaster can strike at any time and with no warning.

Fortunately, businesses can prepare ahead of time and ensure their data is easily recoverable.

Cloud Services – Your data. Anywhere, anytime, across all devices.

CBM Technology streamlines your business by providing efficient cloud solutions designed to cut costs and improve your productivity. From your physical servers to your software applications, we’ll implement cloud solutions that make working from anywhere a breeze. Our cloud computing services make updating, installing and managing your technology easier, so you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about which technology is going to help you grow.

  • Lower Cost – No large capital expenditures for new servers and related equipment

  • Scalable – Scale without restrictions

  • Flexibility – A solution that adapts seamlessly and quickly to changing business environments

Worry Free
Managed Office 365

Managed Office 365 – Helps your business work smarter

CBM Technology helps you understand how Office 365 will improve your business productivity and security.  Your Managed Office 365 solution can be customized to fit your needs and budget plus we provide administration and support for your accounts.

We offer migration services to help organizations smoothly transit to Microsoft Office 365 from any configuration whether it is on-premises, cloud or hybrid.  We guide our customers through the entire migration and meets the expectation of all types of users.

Server Virtualization & Storage – Your Key to Business Agility

CBM Technology strives every day to offer our clients innovative technology solutions that help them take advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities. With expert capability in servers, storage, networking and software defined solutions, plus a suite of managed services covering the full technology life cycle, CBM Technology delivers a single-vendor, total technology ecosystem like no other.

CBM Technology Virtualization & Storage
CBM Technology Networking

Networking – Fast and Reliable Connectivity

CBM Technology provides consulting and solutions to support and enable today’s high availability, high performance secure small and large networks.

VoIP Phone Systems – It’s more than a phone system. It’s a better way to communicate.

CBM Technology offers VoIP solutions provide the power to communicate where and how you want, whether you’re at your desk or on the road.

CBM Technology VoIP Systems

Printing Solutions – Make Your Budget Go Further


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