Exactis, a marketing firm, left their databases exposed to the public that contained around 340 million records. These records included everything from email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers to details on purchasing history, religion, political preferences, pets, etc. However, no information such as credit card and social security information was leaked.

What does this mean to you?

Over the next few months you can expect an increase in very persuasive phishing attempts from malicious users to exploit your finances via email, by phone or by social media. They will be very creative in convincing you to send them money in some fashion or provide banking and other financial related information. Especially when they know information about you that normally only sites and people you trust will know.

How can I protect myself?

Some of you may think this will never happen to me. It can absolutely happen to you! Check out our article here: https://cbm.technology/how-to-protect-yourself-from-phishing-attempts/

What is phishing?

For more information about phishing – https://cbm.technology/what-is-phishing/

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