Network Security for the Distributed Enterprise

Distributed Enterprises are evolving beyond the traditional model of corporate headquarters with remote branch offices. Today’s Distributed Enterprise increasingly supports multiple locations that operate like a typical small business, and this is especially true in the retail, hospitality, medical, and financial industries. The relationship between a centralized entity and many independent business locations creates unique network security challenges.

CBM Technology understands the challenges faced by the Distributed Enterprise. You need consistent, simple, and rapid deployment of enterprise-grade security, threat intelligence, and wireless technologies.

We’ve partnered with WatchGuard to make sure every one of our customers’ locations is protected with a security solution that delivers:

  • Secure communication between locations
  • Consistent policies across all locations
  • Secure POS systems
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Secure Guest Wi-Fi
  • Visibility into all network traffic across all locations

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