If your IT company isn’t regularly seeking out the latest security knowledge & solutions, then you may need to reevaluate your choice. It takes a constant effort to learn & evolve in order to protect client’s and their customers.

Our management team is currently at the Ingram ONE expo. We attend this event every year to gain valuable knowledge about the current issues our industry faces, build partnerships, and help our team with professional development.

Our President Chad Theriot, sat in on a presentation from the former Director of the National Security Agency. General Michael Hayden is a leading expert regarding our Nation’s cyber security. He was on the frontline of geopolitical strife and the war on terror when communication methods were being revolutionized, and he recognized that the world of information was changing rapidly. Hayden understands our nation’s need to adapt to our ever-changing informational landscape and the dangers, risks, and potential rewards of our digital situation.

The greatest take away from General Hayden’s presentation was his position on the responsibility of security. Businesses have a responsibility to their customers to keep their information safe. The Government is not capable of providing this level of protection. It is up to businesses to take security into their own hands.