Be Aware: If you receive an email like this, Delete it!
Office 365 Email Scam

We received this email and thought it was necessary to share it with our customers and our audience. Email scams are definitely on the rise, and they are getting more and more believable. They are getting better at branding, so you need to be skeptical.

If you receive an email that contains a link, hover over the link to see the destination.

In our case, this link actually directed us to a .php page for which is obviously not a Microsoft site.

Check the email address domain.

This is usually a tell-tale sign of a spam email. In this case- is not recognized by our company, so that was a red flag.

Spam filters aren’t perfect. This email address did not flag the filter, so always be on guard.

Never enter personal information without reading the URL and making sure the site is legitimate.

Having a layered defense against spam is necessary to prevent a data breach. The most important are Policies and Procedures.

Educate your employees to protect your business, and follow our News feed to stay on top of threats.