Firewalls Include the following Security Services

LAN and WLAN Include the following features

Switch Management

  • Per Port Granular Configuration
  • Network/VLAN Configuration
  • PoE Settings Per Port
  • Port Isolation
  • 802.1X RADIUS Authentication and Dynamic VLAN
  • SNMP, Advanced Logging
  • Switch Statistics – LAN, WLAN and Internet Traffic

Wifi Management

  • Zero Handoff Roaming
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Detailed Analytics for Reporting and Troubleshooting
  • Client Device Isolation
  • Protected Management Frame – Prevent Intercepting or Forging Traffic
  • Device Filtering
  • RADIUS Authentication


  • Reduced Network Latency with Self –Driving AI
  • Same IP Failover

  • Instant adaptability for a quicker connection

  • Configurable reporting and alerts