WatchGuard Technologies recently released their 2016 Internet Security Report. This report takes information collected from firewalls to determine the security trends over the quarter. This report was published by, the full report can be found here. The fireboxes tested blocked a combined 18 million malware infections and 3 million network attacks.

The report shows the most common types of attacks:

    • 30 percent of malware is new or “zero day”
    • Old attack techniques are still relevant
    • JavaScript is a popular malware delivery and obfuscation mechanism
    • 73 percent of the top attacks target web browsers in drive-by download attacks
    • The top network attack primarily targeted Germany

So what does this mean for your business?

It may be time to update your firewall and network security practices. It only takes one attack to get through to send your business into a downtime spiral. A thorough defense-in-depth strategy is the best way to reduce the threat. A strong firewall with advanced features and a layered system to block all threats is the safest way to keep your business up and running smoothly. Learn More

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