The latest email phishing scam to hit the US is the Google Docs phishing scam. It has hit us at CBM on our personal email accounts. Beware of these suspicious emails. They may look like a normal Google Docs invitation saying something along the lines of”Jane Doe has invited you to share a Google Doc.” We advise that you do not click these emails, especially if you are using an email application like Outlook or Apple Mail. The incident pictured above misspelled Google adding three “o’s.”

Google says they shut down the attack within one hour, but I received this email on May 15th. So If you get an email like this, report it as spam.

You should always hover over your email addresses to see the true sender as these can be “spoofed” by email marketing platforms. You can also hover over the subject line to see the full subject if you would like further verification.

If you click the email and notice an attachment or link, do not click it unless you are sure you know the person sending you the email. It is always good practice to take caution when downloading attachments or clicking links within emails.

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