Emergency Flash Patch Issued After Zero-Day Exploit Uncovered

Cyber criminals have managed to find a vulnerability in the Adobe Flash software. Adobe issued an emergency security patch after being notified by a cybersecurity company. Having Flash on your computer allows for the Zero-Day virus to make its way into your computer. It doesn’t require you to open the software or any application, making it all too easy for your computer or network to be attacked. Security holes in software as ubiquitous as Adobe Flash are extremely dangerous.

“Proofpoint discovered that the exploit was calling a vulnerable, undocumented API in Flash. The company first observed it primarily spreading Cerber ransomware, which takes control of victims’ computers and encrypts files until they pay a Bitcoin ransom—the amount of which increases the more time passes without payment. It was also observed spreading Locky ransomware.”

CBM has pushed the verified Adobe Flash patch to all of our Managed Antivirus clients to close this security hole.

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