CBM had the opportunity to speak to a group of local law firms about the issues with cyber security yesterday. We were so honored to have been asked to share our knowledge with this highly engaging group. We had Dan Geisler, from Watchguard Technologies, speak with us on the intricacies of Ransomware and Wi-fi security.

The group had excellent questions about the security of travelling and using public wi-fi and Social engineering. These are both important factors of cyber security, and learning how to protect yourself from these attacks is crucial. As we always say, there is no silver bullet. No one solution can prevent the ever changing threats in our networks. The best protection you can arm your business with is a multi-layer defense which we call a Defense-In-Depth Strategy. Learn more about the 5 layers of protection here.

It is more important now than ever to arm your business with a strong defense. Clients are becoming aware and it’s not just fortune 500 companies being attacked. Small to midsized businesses are the target now, they still have valuable data and are much easier to attack. Securing your sensitive client data is a huge and necessary responsibility for businesses. With the right recipe of protection, you can promote your security to potential clients, become compliant with industry regulations (ex. HIPPA), and gain insights into your network to increase productivity.

If you would like to learn more about the steps you need to take to secure your network, give us a call!