Not only do we all have to protect our family and friends against the COVID-19 virus, there are digital COVID-19 themed viruses out.

Louisiana State Police has released an advisory that there are digital COVID-19 themed viruses that are starting to spread on computer networks.

Because CBM Technology is considered to be an essential service, we will continue to service our clients throughout Louisiana and the rest of the United Stated during the Louisiana mandated lock down of all non-essential services.

During this event, CBM Technology will continue to monitor and protect against cyber security threats similar to the COVID-19 themed digital virus.

Similar to being aware of your personal bubble and self-quarantine to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, there are steps that you should take to prevent against digital viruses. Like any bio-virus threats, there is very little that any one thing can do to prevent a zero-day threat. Defend with a multi-layered, in-depth strategy where multiple steps are required to help prevent these infections.

Just like protecting yourself, it is important to protect your network and data through preventative action.