Of all the recognitions, being acknowledged as one of the top 250 Managed Security Service Providers 2 years in a row is probably one of the items that I am most excited about. CBM Technology is one of the highest ranking Cyber Security providers in Louisiana, behind CenturyLink according to MSSPAlert.

While I am proud of our leadership team, I give the most credit to our technical services team as they have worked very hard in implementing new tools that help to ensure that our clients’ cyber security risks are minimized.

This year, CBM Technology has made major cybersecurity advancements in implementing low cost, but effective tools against cyber threats. Now, tools can only go so far; anyone can do that. It’s the processes, auditing, and reporting that CBM Technology has implemented that brings our cyber security to the next level.

Cyber Security is an ongoing battle against these sleazeballs (I am being polite) who are looking to cause chaos or make a quick buck. While, there are still areas to improve on, CBM Technology is always continuing to increase the defenses against cyber threats such as phishing, ransomware, data compromises, etc.

One of the biggest challenges in cyber security is to have strong enough security layers without greatly effecting our clients’ day-to-day work life. We take great strides in making sure that our clients are secured while keeping them productive and successful.

In 2021 and forward, we will continue to evolve and develop our security to make it more difficult for these cyber criminals to cause chaos and downtime for our clients.

Go CBM Team!

Blake Judice