Shop Smart


‘Shop smart’ and not to click on links in emails and text messages if a deal seems too good to be true. It could be that this is [...]

Shop Smart2020-11-03T14:38:41-06:00

Happy Thanksgiving


Enjoy and relax, Thanksgiving is also a great day to catch up with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving from the CBM team.

Happy Thanksgiving2020-11-03T14:36:30-06:00

Security Tips


Planning on shopping online for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Make sure you aren’t falling prey to scammers and crooks with these security tips. [...]

Security Tips2020-11-03T14:34:11-06:00

Consulting Services


We develop IT plans that take into account your budget, projections, customer and employee needs, and business goals to guarantee that your IT infrastructure can always support the [...]

Consulting Services2020-11-03T14:24:34-06:00

Move To The Cloud


Our cloud computing services make updating, installing and managing your technology easier, so you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about IT solutions that are [...]

Move To The Cloud2020-11-03T14:18:43-06:00

The Software Gurus


Jean-Luc Ahlers, Director of Software Development. He speaks 7 languages (English, Afrikaans, Zulu, French, HTML, CSS, Java Script). He’s the office globetrotter, he should host a Ted Talk [...]

The Software Gurus2020-11-03T13:52:49-06:00

IT Support


Designed for small to medium sized businesses to lower the cost of supporting IT systems, deliver at a fixed price with no hidden expenses, no surprises – just one [...]

IT Support2020-11-03T13:42:32-06:00
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