An industry leader and only USA-based alumina plant located in south Louisiana.  Alumina is used for producing aluminum, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, coatings, and pigments industries on a global scale.  This plant produces more than 1 million metric tons per year of alumina.


They wanted to move Microsoft Exchange to the cloud to reduce their long-term costs in hardware, licenses and maintenance while increasing the stability of email communications.  With nearly 500 employees spread out in multiple countries, it was a challenge for their small IT team and their current IT vendor were not able to implement a solution.


CBM Technology developed a staged approach to migrate nearly 500 mailboxes and terabytes of data from their legacy Microsoft Exchange farm to Office 365 while providing them with minimum downtime.  Collaborating with the plant’s IT team to provide localized support, CBM successfully migrated all mailboxes, reconfigured Microsoft Outlook, and mobile devices.  As part of the implementation, multiple critical systems SMTP relay was reconfigured, and Active Directory was synchronized to Office 365 for single sign on.