Crime as a Service

Crime as a Service (CaaS) is when a professional criminal or group of criminals develop advanced tools which are offered up for sale or rent to other criminal or criminal-wanna-be who are usually less experienced. This is going to have a major effect in cybercrime because it lowers the bar for inexperienced actors to launch sophisticated cyber attacks and scams. This allows helps accelerate attacks towards small businesses over enterprises, because small business can’t afford what larger businesses can.

It’s important to understand that crime-as-a server is not a trend or a fad, it is a game changer. Future online attacks will be more difficult to detect, prevent and many more of them. Some of these attacks include Phishing Kits, Exploit Kits, Malware, Criminal Phone Banks, Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

It is essential for business owners to follow the Defense in Depth strategy to protect your business.

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